The Malta Windmill Database

Please click on a windmill to open its details. If you have any comments or can send me photos, please use the remarks form available with the details.

NadurGozoL-Gdida WindmillNo
NaxxarMaltaTas-Sghajtar WindmillNo
NaxxarMaltaTal-Ghaqba WindmillNo
NaxxarMaltaTad-Dejf Windmill / Darnino WindmillNo
NaxxarMaltaSanta Lucija WindmillNo
NaxxarMaltaTal-Laqx Windmill / Old MillNo
Paola ( also called Novo)MaltaYes
QalaGozoTa ' Randu Windmill / Qala WindmillNo
QalaGozoTa ' Sufa WindmillNo



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