The Malta Windmill Database

Please click on a windmill to open its details. If you have any comments or can send me photos, please use the remarks form available with the details.

LuqaMaltaTa Caraffa WindmillYes
MelliehaMaltaWindmill near Salib tal-PellegriniNo
MelliehaMaltal-Gdida WindmillYes
MelliehaMaltaL-Qadima WindmillNo
MostaMaltal-Gdida WindmillNo
MostaMaltaJesus of Nazareth/ l-Qadima WindmillNo
MostaMaltaTa'Triq San Silvestru WindmillNo
MostaMaltaWindmill of Our Loady of Mount CarmelNo
MqabbaMaltaTar-Rith Windmill / Mqabba WindmillNo
Mqabba / QrendiMaltaTal-Qrendi WindmillNo



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